About Us

The Better Family, Inc. is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization with a sole purpose of connecting children and families to resources to help them become productive citizens to their community and the world. 

The Better Family, Inc., is the creator of the 7th Annual Tots to Teens Expo held at the Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, Maryland.  This annual event brings out more than 15,000 families that learn about:

*    Educational enrichment for under served youth ( with a focus on STEAM)
*    How to make  healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices
*    Introduction of non-traditional cultural activities

The Tots to Teens Expo is funded through our non-profit entity. The Expo creates a marketplace where family-focused brands, service providers, agencies and organizations collaborate with parents to enhance their quality of life and create better outcomes for all children. Our mission is achieved by partnering with like-minded entities and individuals to deliver measurably improved education, health, safety, and youth services.